Vestibular Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality

What is otomoto?

otomoto is a Virtual Reality experience designed to help doctors and patients treat conditions of the vestibular system that cause vertigo and loss of balance.

Vestibular System?

The vestibular system is tasked with measuring the rotation of the head and relaying it to the brain.

Positional Vertigo

In conditions like BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), crystals called otoconia, which are supposed to be attached to a part of the inner ear called the utricle, become loose and go into one of the semi-circular canals. This condition is treated with neck/head movement exercises.

Easy to Use

Using the fact that we always know the rotation of the head in VR (Virtual Reality), we have designed an app that can show the effects of gravity on the vestibular system and allow for treatment of the condition and research into new movements that can be more effective than those currently in use.


Who is it for?

BPPV is a common vestibular disorder affecting millions worldwide, and otomoto is here to help. We believe that our system can benefit both doctors and patients. In many cases doctors currently have to teach their patients the movements so that they can continue doing them at home. otomoto has the ability to help in these cases by allowing patients to use it from their homes and continue with the exercises, as well as finding movements that are most comfortable and effective to them.